Sunday, August 4, 2013

Go WEST!!!

So... I've been a bit remiss with the blog lately.  I can explain - you see, I've been really, really freaking busy.  Between birthday parties and a long trip out west and a room remodel and renovations on the house, plus all the regular stuff like laundry, cleaning, and making sure everyone gets fed and loved, oh, and being a full-time scientist leading a major testing effort as well, yeah, I've been a bit busy.  I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, thankfully, and I'm eager to get back to the blog and share some stuff.  First up - some of my fave crafty things spotted on our trip. 

We spent a little over 2 weeks tooling around the great American West (Arizona, New Mexico, a teeny bit of Texas, Colordao, Utah, and a teenier bit of Idaho), and let me tell you - it was splendiferous.  And BIG - holy cow, was it big.  Coming from the East Coat where you can hit most of the states in a single day, it was shocking to drive across those massive states for hours and still be miles away from anything.  And it was also really, really hot.  And you know how everyone always says, "But it's a DRY heat"?  This is true.  You know what else is a dry heat?  An oven.  Yep.  You know you're in trouble when you have to sprint across the pool deck to avoid burning your delicate north-eastern tootsies.  Or open the car door with your hand tucked into the hem of your shirt to avoid burning your delicate north-eastern finger-ies.  (Why is there no "tootsies" equivalent for fingers?)  Anyhoo, we perserved through the heat and were rewarded with absolutely stunning scenery and unforgettable experiences.

First up - Roswell, New Mexico.  Just as cheesy and weird as I hoped it would be.  One of my favorite things - this store, named "UFO and Alien Stuff".   Hmm...  I wonder what they sell there?  I love a business that avoids ambiguity.

In Santa Fe, which is now on my list of favorite places in the world, along with New Orleans, Caen, and Martinique, I wandered into a jewelry store and saw this beauty on the wall.  A longhorn skull bedazzled with turquoise chips.  That is EXACTLY what a jewelry store in New Mexico should have on the wall.  I applaud you, Jewelry Store - you've done that steer proud.  I don't actually recall the name of the store.  See?  This is what happens when you use ambiguous names.  The Jewelry Proprietress should take a page from the proprietor of UFO and Alien Stuff.

Another  from Santa Fe - every business and residence we saw had chiles strung up to dry outside.  They take their chiles VERY seriously.  After having eaten some, I see why.  Delicious!

I was surprised to learn that there is a Colorado-style pizza.  I've heard of New York style, Chicago style, but never Colorado style, so we had to try it.  It was pretty tasty and we thought it was cool that they serve honey on the side to dip your crusts into.  I never would have thought to do that, but it was really good and the kids loved it.  We didn't need any dessert after.  (Although we had dessert anyway.  I mean, let's not be crazy here.)

And finally, I saw these old tubs used for a salad bar and thought it was very clever.  I love things that are clever.  And I also love a salad bar.  So this was a double whammy.

I don't have any pictures, but we happened upon a farm / craft market in Salt Lake City and there were all sorts of cool things there.  I sampled some mojito salsa - Delish!  There were pretty cake stands make from colorful wood platters and pedestals.  There was also a vendor selling fresh lemonade served with striped paper straws.  I desperately wanted one, but we never found the booth.  Sniffle.  Paper straws!  I want.