Monday, April 22, 2013

Girl Scout Snack for Birdfeeder Making

I was the helping mom for my daugher's girl scout meeting last week.  They are working on completing their energy and conservation-themed journey this year and as part of that, were making an assortment of bird feeders and bird houses to place around the area.  Helping mom duties include providing a little snack and since I can't do anything like a normal person, I decided to make a snack with a bird feeding / bird house theme.  (Is anyone else obsessed with themes?  I think I missed my calling - I should be working at Disney World.)  Here's what I made...

Bird Seed
This was surprisingly delicious.  Mixed Corn Chex, Rice Krispies, hulled pumpkin and sunflower seeds, Craisins, golden raisins, and some mini-chocolate chips.  Yum!  This is now my go-to recipe for trail mix.  And it works for kids with nut allergies but still packs a protein punch.

Pretzel "Twigs"
Cheap, easy, and they really do look like twigs.

Gummy Worms
You know, for the baby birds in the nest!  Only one per girl so we didn't get into a sugar-high situation...

I stopped short of making custom water bottle labels, because that would have been excessive, but also mostly because I ran out of time.
I pre-portioned everything in dixie cups for efficiency, and while it may not have been the best approach for a meeting focused on conservation, it was definitely efficient.  In my defense, we recycled everything...

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